Private Labeling of IVD Test Kits

We, Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd are not only a world wide supplier of NOVAtest brand IVD test kits, but also act as an OEM manufacturer, supply OEM products for all our immunoassay test kits, and supplies products in customer's private labeling.

Private Labeling with Your logo, brand and design

Why Private Labeling

It is profitable to the buyers if they entrust Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd to be their OEM manufacturer for all our IVD test kits, and pack the immunoassay test kits in their private labeling.

Actually, we are supplying in-vitro test kits to many customers worldwide in this arrangement. To India market alone, e.g. we made up to 70 different packages with customer's brand names and designs.

Extra Charges for Private Labeling

For private labeling, there is one extra cost on printing plates for aluminum pouch printing, and one prepayment requirement. The customer under OEM arrangement is expected to transfer the money to us, before we begin printing the packing materials with private labeling.

Main reason for this arrangement:

1. The private labeling is the property of the customer, as OEM manufacturer for these IVD test kits, we will protect the intangible property of our customers; one-time cost of Printing Plates is a worthy investment to the customer.

2. To be cost effective, the minimum printing quantity of each pouch design is 100,000PCS, and we pay and keep this quantity in stock on behalf of the customer. If the customer stops buying later for any reason, or decide to change the design before the stock is used up, the customer should bear the cost of the packing materials.

[In the beginning stage, OEM arrangement of "blank pouch + outer box with private labeling" may be an option. In this arrangement, no cost on printing plates; no prepayment for pouches.]

Private Labeling Arrangement

The arrangement for private boxes and Aluminum Pouches are as follow:

1. One-time Cost on Printing Plates

To print foil pouches with one certain design, we need to make several printing plates (N+1 pieces; N stands for the number of colors in the design). Each plates costs about 160 USD. We strictly regard the design and the printing plates as the property of the Customers'; and will protect it in due diligence.

2. Prepayment for Private Labeling

The minimum production quantity for each design of pouch is 100,000 pieces, and the prepayment for one pouch is 0.015 USD. So, the OEM customer should send prepayment of 1500 USD for one pouch design. (Refundable when pouches used up; prepayment is subject to changes depending on the real cost of the packing materials.)