Benefits of OEM Arrangement

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When the buyer has its own brand name, and entrust Atlas Link Technology to print private packages (aluminum pouches and boxes, usually) with its own brand, pack IVD kits in these packing materials, send the goods to them, this is called OEM arrangement.

OEM arrangement is profitable to both the supplier and the buyer. OEM arrangement can expend sells of the supplier of IVD test kits; in the same time the buyers can set up the esteem of its own company, and the intangible asset of brand property will also contribute to the long-run development of the OEM buyer of the IVD test kits. So, when the fame of the distributors increase, they tend to design their own brand and labeling, and entrust Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd as OEM supplier.

As private labeling and OEM packages are widely used in the IVD test business, we have set up an in-house graphic designing department to meet this requirement. And thanks to many years of experience on outsourcing IVD OEM packages, such as foil pouch and outer boxes, we have set up good relationships with many factories of package materials. We are confident that our quality products and private packing services will help you to promote your business.

Why Extra Charges

For private labeling, usually the prices will not be higher than that of our own brand NOVAtest®. But, there are some small amount of one-time costs on printing plates; and when the order size for each order is not big enough, we may have to collect PREPAYMENT for the packing materials with the Customer's own brand. And the customer is expected to transfer both the cost of printing plates and the prepayment of the pouches to our account when at the beginning stage of the OEM arrangement. We collect these charge and prepayment because of the following:

1. The private labeling is the property of the customer; it is a worthy investment. We as OEM supplier cannot benefit from the intangible property. That's why the customers have to pay the printing molds.

2. Since it’s the customer's brand, the packing materials in stock is the property of the Customer's. We cannot only sell any product with these packing materials with the customer's design. So if the customer stops buying, or decide to change the design of the packing materials before the stock is used up, the customer should bear the cost of the packing materials; that's why we have to collect prepayment for private packing materials.

OEM Arrangement Details

The arrangement for private boxes and Aluminum Pouches are as follow:

1. One-Time Investment on Printing Plates

In order to make OEM foil pouches, we must make several printing plates. If there are N colors in one pouch design, usually we need to make N+1 pieces of printing plates. The total one-time cost on printing plates will be (N+1)*150 USD. Which will be paid by the customer at the beginning stage, and will NOT be refunded to the customer.

2. Prepayment for Private Pouches

Usually, for customer's private pouches, we need to ask for down payment, which is just a guarantee that the customer will import testing kits in these pouches. So this part of prepayment is refundable. That is to say when the customer imports test kits and using up the private packing materials, the prepayment will transfer to debt that Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd owns to the OEM buyer.

In the rare cases, if the OEM buyer decides to stop buying from us, we will deduct the cost of the packing materials in stock, and return the balance to the customer. And if the OEM buyer like, we can help to ship the private packing materials in stock under instruction of the OEM buyer, which is the owner of the materials.

The minimum production quantity for each design of pouch is 100,000 pieces, and the prepayment for one pouch is 0.015 USD. So, the customer should send prepayment of 1500 USD for one pouch design. (If the customer's order is more than this quantity, no prepayment is needed.)

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