DOA Test Kits

We supply up to 23 drug of abuse (DOA) urine screening test kits in styles of strip, cassette and multi-drug test panel.

AMP urine test Strip and Cassette

Drug Urine Test Kits

Drug of Abuse (DOA) urine screening test kits, also called one-step DOA drug test kits, employ unique monoclonal antibodies to selectively identify specific drugs of abuse and the corresponding metabolites in urine samples with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

DOA rapid tests are lateral flow, qualitative quick check devices based on the drug-competitive inhibition immunoassay. When testing with a rapid drug urine test, if the urine samples contain the drug and its metabolites the drug screen test device intended to test, they will be captured by the immobilized antibody compounds at the test line (T) region. And when the concentration of the drug of abuse and its metabolites reach the cut-off level of the testing kit, the color developing chemicals in the membrane of the testing strip will float away because there is no sites for them to bind to. So no color develops at the testing line, indicating a positive result. On the contrary, if there is no drug in the urine, the color developing chemicals will bind to the sites on the test line region. So two lines at the result window indicate a negative result.

At present, Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies many drug of abuse testing devices in styles of strip, cassette and multi-drug test panel, used to test up to 23 different drugs which tend to be used because of addiction.

For all our DOA urine test devices, the cut off concentration for specific drug of abuse (DOA) and its metabolites has been developed at the concentration standards set by NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse of USA) for the qualitative detection of corresponding drugs in human urine specimens.

  • DOA urine screening tests are highly sensitive and specific;
  • One Step DOA testing results are read visually without the need of other instrument;
  • No extra reagent is needed for these test kits;
  • DOA testing kits are used to screen urine specimens for the presence of corresponding drug of abuse and its metabolites;
  • DOA testing devices are available in strip, cassette and multi-drug panel styles;
  • Multi-drug test panels (DOA 602, DOA 603, DOA 604, DOA 605, DOA 606 and DOA 610) are available (Combinations subject to customers’ selection as shown in the following Table).