Hepatitis Rapid Test Kits

One step Hepatitis rapid Test Kits and Hepatitis DOT filtration test kit are both rapid test kits which can be used in POCT setting, and these hepatitis IVD test kits are often used as an aid in the medical diagnosis of hepatitis infection.

Hepatitis POCT test device

Hepatitis Test Kits

Hepatitis refers to the disease characterized by inflammation of the liver. The causes are various, including viruses, bacteria, parasite, alcohol intoxication, immune function deterioration etc. Among them, the hepatitis caused by viruses is the most dangerous, and can be transmitted among human beings. Among them, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are the most common diseases. And Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd mainly supplies test kits for the diagnosis of these three viruses.

Hepatitis A, mainly concentrates in developing countries, and more cases are observed in countryside than in city; the main transmitting route is direct or indirect contact. Hepatitis B spreads all over the world, with higher rate in developing countries than developed countries; blood infusion, mother to baby during delivery and sexual actions are the regarded as main causes of the transmission. Hepatitis C is observed all over the world with no significantly difference among countries; blood infusion and drug injection are regarded the main causes of transmit.

Many techniques are adopted in the diagnosis of these hepatitis infections, such as CT, liver puncture. But serum or blood analytical test in clinical laboratory is often used as the first test, because this kind of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) hepatitis test kits cause the least pain to the patient, and takes much less time than other methods such as liver puncture.

One step rapid Hepatitis Test Kits, Hepatitis DOT filtration test kit and Hepatitis ELISA kits are often used serum test devices as an aid in the diagnosis process of hepatitis infection. Rapid test kits and Dot assay kit are usually referred to as Hepatitis Point-of-Care (POCT) test kits. Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies various hepatitis Rapid test kits for the IVD diagnosis of Hepatitis Diseases.

Hepatitis Rapid Test Kits

Lateral Flow Hepatitis test kits and Hepatitis Dot filtration immuno assay kits are listed as follow:

Corresponding Hepatitis ELISA kits can be found in separate pages: