Fertility Test Kits

Fertility test kits (also known as rapid fertility tests) are used to refer to all the test devices which are performed to detect the conditions and status related with woman fertility, including pregnancy test, ovulation cycle test, and menopause test.

Fertility test Kits

Fertility Test Kit Series

Fertility POCT test kits (also known as rapid fertility tests) are our first category of IVD rapid testing assay kits. Here the word "fertility", as traditionally used in this circumstance to refer to all the aspects concerned with woman fertility. So, fertility test kits includes pregnancy test kit, ovulation cycle test kit (so as to help to conceive), and menopause test kit.

Atlas link Technology Co., Ltd is supplying quality rapid tests at competitive prices, which have are CE marked, and produced according to the directive of ISO13485. All the four fertility testing kits have CE or CE 0123 marks, and this category is the biggest volume products, which are widely distributed around the world.

For one-step hCG Rapid tests and LH Ovulation test , we have passed the TUV inspection and got CE certificates, and is also covered by our ISO 13485 certificate. With CE 0123 mark on the hCG pregnancy kit and LH ovulation test kit, all the three styles of our hCG tests and LH tests, i.e. hCG urine Cassettes, hCG urine strips and hCG urine midstreams, are ready to sell to EU OTC market.

For FSH menopause rapid tests, we also have three formats, i.e. strip, cassette and midstream. For these one-step fertility tests, we have reached the ISO 13485 standard, and always abide by this standard in our producing process. By preparing all the needed documents, we are printing CE mark on the package of FSH test kits, and the products are sold to IVD professional market in European Union (EU) countries.