Respiratory Disease Test Kits

Various Lateral Flow rapid test kits and Dot Filtration assay kits can be provided for the medical diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases.

Respiratory  disease test kits

Respiratory Disease Diagnostic Kits

Respiratory disease refers to any of the disease and disorder of the airways and the lungs that affect human respiration. While the causes may be various, the IVD test kits that Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies are all related to diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. Viral infections includes influenza (type A or type B), parainfluenza, Adenovirus, Respiratory syncytial infection and measles; Bacterial infections include chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases

For the diagnosis of respiratory diseases, physical examination of the chest remains important, such as auscultation with a stethoscope, as it may reveal the presence of an area of inflammation, a pleural effusion, or an airway obstruction. The radiological examination technique can produce a complete picture of the lungs by using X-rays to create two dimensional images. Besides these methods, serum analytical assay in clinical laboratories is also an important technique.

The immunoassay kits, ether it be one step rapid test kit, DOT filtration test or ELISA kit, utilizes the antigen antibody reaction to analyze whether there is any specific antibody or antigen in the in-vitro specimen, serum or whole blood, so as to help the diagnosis of the specific respiratory disease.

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd is supplying the following in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits for Respiratory Diseases.