HEV IgM Rapid Test Kit

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies HEV IgM rapid test kit, which is intended to be used to detect IgM antibody specific to Hepatitis-E infection.

HEV IgM Rapid Test cassette

HEV IgM Rapid Test Kit

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies HEV IgM rapid test kit, which is one step lateral flow immuno-chromatographic assay kit, this HEV antibody test kit is used to detect the Hepatitis E Virus IgM Antibody in serum / plasma / whole blood qualitatively, and is used as an aid in the diagnosis of HEV infection.

Testing Principle

The HEV rapid test kit utilizes antibodies including a recombinant protein HEV-Ag and goat anti-mouse IgG antibody on the nitrocellulose membrane with colloidal gold marked mouse anti-human IgM as an mark tracer. The reagent is used to detect the HEV IgM antibody in serum / plasma / whole blood according to the principle of double antibody sandwich method and gold immunochromatography assay.

The sample mixing up mouse anti-human IgM antibody–marker move along the membrane to the T line, and form the T line when the sample contains HEV IgM antibody, which a positive result. Conversely, it is a negative result.

Hepatitis-E Disease

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a non-enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus. Four genotypes of HEV have been reported. HEV is transmitted mainly by fecal contaminated water and food.

Mortality rates of HEV are generally low, and hepatitis E is 'self-limiting' because the disease usually disappears by itself after several weeks. But, it occasionally develops into acute liver disease, and in that case the fatality is about 0.3 to 2%. In pregnant women, the disease is more severe and is associated with a clinical syndrome called fulminant hepatic failure, of which the fatality rate can be as high as 25-30%.

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