Urinalysis strips

In urine reagent strips (URS), enzyme reactions are adopted to quantitatively detect different chemical compounds in human urine specimen.

Urinalysis Strips

Technical Data of URS Parameters

Urine Compounds to be tested with URS Strips
NO. Abbr. Compound Tested Measuring Range Read Time Color Chart
1 BIL Bilirubin 7-14 µmol/L 30 Seconds Color Chart of Bilirubin
2 BLD Blood 60-620 µg/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Blood
3 Ca Calcium 1.0-10 mmol/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Calcium
4 Cr Creatinine 0.9-26.5 mmol/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Creatinine
5 GLU Glucose 5-110 mmol/L 30 Seconds Color Chart of Glucose
6 KET Ketone 0.5-16 mmol/L 40 Seconds Color Chart of Ketone
7 LEU Leukocytes 5-15 Cells/µl 1-2 Minutes Color Chart of Leukocytes
8 MAU Micro Albumin 10-150 mg/L 30 Seconds Color Chart of Micro Albumin
9 NIT Nitrite 13-22 µmol/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Nitrite
10 pH hydrogen ion concentration pH 5 -8.5 60 Seconds Color Chart of hydrogen ion concentration
11 PRO Protein 0.15-20 g/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Protein
12 SG Specific Gravity 1.000 - 1.030 45 Seconds Color Chart of Specific Gravity
13 URO Urobilinogen 3.2-128 µmol/L 60 Seconds Color Chart of Urobilinogen
14 VC Ascorbate 0.6-5 mmol/L 40 Seconds Color Chart of Ascorbate

Urinalysis Strips

Urinalysis strips, also called Urine Reagent Strips (URS), are dip-and-read style of chemical reagent strips, which are used to quasi-quantitatively evaluate the concentrations of the chemical components in human urine specimen, such as urine glucose, bilirubin etc. up to 14 parameters, which are indicators of the health conditions of human body.

The testing results of medical urine reagent strips can provide health information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function, and acid-base balance etc.

Enzyme Reaction Principle

The rapid dip and read urinalysis strips are based on the enzyme reaction. Each test strip consists of a plastic strip attached with different reaction pads. The reaction pads employs a solid-phase chemistry system, which uses highly specific enzyme reactions to develop different colors corresponding to the concentrations of the target compounds in human urine. By comparing the developed colors with the standard color chart, the concentrations can be quantitatively determined.

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How to Use
Cat. No. Select Combination Specimen PCS/Box Quan. per CTN Quantity (Tests)
D6201 Urine100 Boxed: 240 Kits
D6202 Urine100 Boxed: 240 Kits
D6203 Urine100 Boxed: 240 Kits
D6204 Urine100 Boxed: 240 Kits
D6205 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6206 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6207 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6208 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6209 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6210 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6211 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6212 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6213 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits
D6214 Urine100 Boxed: 225 Kits