Sending Inquiry to Atlas Link Online: Inquiry Cart

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When browsing the web-pages, when you are interested in any product in the product tables, you can put it into the "Inquiry Cart" by entering a number of quantity you want to buy or inquire, then clicking the "ADD" button in the same row of the product.

After you choosing all the products you are interested in, you can click the Icon of Inquiry Cart in the bottom of the navigation bar. Then after fill in some necessary information such as your email ID by which you prefer us to contact with you, you can send your inquiry online to us easily.

Other Contacting Conduits

Also, if you will, you can also contact with us in the traditional ways, and the contact information of Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd is as follow:

Company Name: Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd (Exporting)
Address.: Zeyang Plaza 811, #166 Fushilu Road, Beijing-100043 China
Tel.: 86-10-8890.9113
Fax: 86-10-8890.9115
Skype: harrytianofatl
WeChat: It will be easier to chat with weChat App.

Connect Information of the Factory of Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd

Company Name: Atlas Link Bio Co., Ltd (Manufacturing Base)
Address.: Xing Min Road, South Industrial Park, Gu’An County, Hebei Province. Post Code: 065500 China
Tel./Fax: 86-10-80843958




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