HAV IgM and IgG ELISA Kits

HAV IgM ELISA kit and IgG ELISA kit are intended to be used to massively screen human blood specimens for the detection of HAV specific IgM and IgG antibodies in human serum specimens.


HAV Antibodies ELISA Kits

HAV IgM and HAV IgG ELISA kits are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits, used to detect IgM and IgG antibodies specific to Hepatitis A infection in human serum specimen, which can be used in mass blood screening settings, such as hospital laboratories, blood banks; and also can be used as an aid in the diagnosis and administration of Hepatitis A disease.

HAV IgG & IgM ELISA Principles

HAV IgG Antibody ELISA kit is based on solid phase, one-step incubation competitive principle ELISA method; while HAV IgM ELISA kit is based on solid phase, two-step incubation, antibody capture ELISA assay method.

If the target antibodies present in the specimen, after the incubation, washing, color development and stopping, yellow color will develop on the polystyrene micro-well strip; The amount of color intensity can be measured and is proportional to the amount of antibody captured in the wells, and to the sample respectively. Wells containing samples negative for the target HAV IgM or IgG antibodies remain colorless.

Clinical Value of HAV IgG and IgM Differentiation

Hepatitis A is a self-limited disease and chronic stage or other complications are rare. Infections occur early in life in areas where sanitation is poor and living conditions are crowded.

The infection with HAV induces strong immunological response and elevated levels first of IgM and then IgG are detectable within a few days after the onset of the symptoms. The presence of anti–HAV IgM is an important serological marker for early detection and observation of the clinical manifestation of the disease.

Detection of HAV IgG in the absence of HAV IgM, indicates either a previous infection with HAV or a successful vaccination. A titer of 10 IU/L HAV IGG is considered to be the minimal concentration of a valid immunization.

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E2401 HAV IGM Antibody ELISA Kit Serum, plasma96 Boxed: 40 Kits
E2402 HAV IGG Antibody ELISA Kit Serum, plasma96 Boxed: 40 Kits