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If you have specific products of interest, this Inquiry System is more efficient than leaving us a message. You can let us know what products and at what quantities you need; also the product labeling, package requirement etc.

Usually it takes 4 simple steps to send detailed inqiuiry to us with this inquiry system:

1. Browse product pages and choose products of interest from the product table;

2. Type a quantity for the product of interest (for products like DOA multi drug test and Urinalysis strip, the combination also has to be specified correspondingly);

3. Click "Add Selected" or "Update" under the product table to add the selected product(s) to inquiry list before moving on to other pages;

4. After finish picking-up, go to "Inquiry Cart", adjust quantity/products if necessary, fill in your contact information, and other business terms if you want to provide more information about your preference, and then send the inquiry to us.

In Short:

  1. Browse product pages;
  2. Enter a quantity for products of interest;
  3. Click "Add..." or "Update" below;
  4. Go to "Inquiry Cart", check & send the inquiry.

Hope you will find it helpful during your product selection. We will always be pleased to receive any of your inquiry, and we will also reply your inquiry in a timely manner.

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