RF Antibody Dot Filtration Assay Kits

RF IgG Dot Assay Cassette

RF IgG and RF IgM Dot assay kits are a series of RF rapid Point-of-Care test kits, which are based on the gold colloidal immunoassay principle, and intended for the qualitative detection of the isotype antibodies of Rheumatoid Factor in human serum.

RF Antibodies and Rheumatoid Arthritis

RF antibody test is often ordered by doctors, when any patient is suspected of having any form of arthritis. Although RF positive can also be caused by other reason (e.g. chronic hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis), and negative results do not rule out the possibility of arthritis disease, after evaluating the signs and symptoms of the patient, the RF serum testing result still can play an important role in both diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and the disease prognosis. And actually RF testing result is usually regarded as an important indicator in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. RF Dot Filtration assay kits are a series of RF rapid test, including RF IgG Dot test and RF IgM Dot test. These kits are based on the gold colloidal immunoassay principle, which are intended to be used to qualitatively detect the three isotypes of Rheumatoid Factor, i.e. IgG and IgM in human serum specimen respectively.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting primarily the joints and periarticular tissues. For many years it has been known that several abnormal proteins circulate in the blood of patients with RA. These proteins, because of their obvious correlation with the disease, became known as rheumatoid factor (RF). Research of these proteins has characterized them as usually being a group of IgM class immunoglobulins that interact with antigenic determinants on human IgG molecules (i.e., they are secondary antibodies). RF and human IgG join to form immune complexes, which contribute to the disease of rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid factor is detected in 60-80% of cases of diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. And, the higher the RF concentration in serum, the higher the possibility will become for the rheumatoid arthritis.

RF Antibody Dot Assay Kits

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1 RF R622 Rheumatoid Factor IgG Dot Assay serum 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
2 RF R612 Rheumatoid Factor IgM Dot Assay serum 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
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