ASO IgG Antibody Dot Filtration Assay Kit

ASO IgG DOT Assay Kit

Anti-Streptolysin O (ASO) DOT Assay is used to detect the IgG antibodies specific to anti-Streptolysin O in human serum sample, and is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of current versus past infections with group A streptococci. Also, it may be used to help to diagnose rheumatic Arthritis.

In the anti-Streptolysin O (ASO) DOT test cassette, nitrocellulose membrane is pre-coated with Monoclonal Streptolysin O antigen. During the assay, the anti-Streptolysin O IgG antibody, if present in the serum specimen, will be captured by the pre-coated ASO antigen. In the subsequent procedure, the reagent of anti-human monoclonal IgG antibody (anti-human) conjugated with colloidal gold is added. This secondary antibody will be captured by the ASO IgG antibody bound to the membrane in previous step, and a colored dot will develop, indicating a positive result.

ASO Antibody and Rheumatoid Arthritis

When Lancefield group A streptococci infect human body, they produce many enzymes. Among them, one is Oxygen labile streptolysin-O, another is oxygen stable streptolysin-S. Both the enzymes are involved in occurring of hemolysis, especially in beta-hemolysis. When human body is infected with streptococci, it produces antibodies against these two antigens. Anti-streptolysin O (ASO) is the antibody produced against streptolysin O antigen. So, an elevated or rising level may indicate past or present infection of streptococci. Until now, ASO is one of the first bacterial markers used for diagnosis and follow up of rheumatism or scarlet fever. As many people are exposed to these bacteria and remain asymptomatic, the mere presence of ASO does not indicate disease. The antibody levels begin to rise after 1 to 3 weeks of strep infection, peaks in 3 to 5 weeks and falls back to insignificant levels in 6 months. Only when the level is greatly raised above the accepted value (less than 200 units for adults and 300 for children), or if a rise in titer can be demonstrated in paired blood samples taken days apart, can it have a significance in clinical diagnosis.

ASO IgG Antibody Dot Filtration Assay Kit

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