ANA IgG Dot Assay Kit & ANA IgG ELISA Kit

Anti-Zona Pellucida IgG DOT Assay Kit

ANA IgG POCT Test kit is a Dot Immuno Gold Filtration Assay (DIGFA) kit, intended to be used to detect the antinuclear IgG antibody in human serum sample; and ANA IgG ELSIA kit is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit for the qualitative detection of IgG antibody specific to nuclear factor in human serum specimen. Both the test kits are used as an aid in the diagnosis of the disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Antinuclear antibody and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs, also known as anti-nuclear factor or ANF) are autoantibodies specific to the nucleus of a cell. These autoantibodies can attack the body's tissues as if they were foreign intruders. Auto-antibodies are present in low titers in the general population. But in about 5% of the population, the ANAs concentration is elevated, and about half of this 5% personnel have some autoimmune disease, which include lupus, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, polymyositis/dermatomyositis, mixed connective tissue disease, drug-induced lupus, and autoimmune hepatitis. So the detection of Antinuclear IgG antibody has to be considered with the rheumatoid arthritis blood test, before the final clinical conclusion is reached.

Antinuclear IgG Immunoassay Kits

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1 AnA R122 Antinuclear IgG Dot Assay serum 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
2 AnA R124 Antinuclear IgG ELISA Kit serum 48/96T Boxed: 40 Kits boxes
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