Influenza A & Influenza B POCT Rapid Test Kits

Influenza A and Influenza B POCT Rapid Test Kits

Influenza A/B test strip is an in-vitro immunoassay based on the principle of lateral flow Chromatographic Assay, for the qualitative detection of Influenza A and Influenza B nucleoproteins in various secretion specimens such as throat swab specimen; while Influenza A IgM Dot Assay Kit and Influenza B IgM Dot Assay Kit are rapid POCT kit respectively for the qualitative detection of IgM antibody and IgG antibody in human serum specimen. All these kits are intended to be used to help the diagnosis of influenza A and B viral infections.


One step Influenza Rapid test, influenza dot assay and Influenza DOT ELISA are all In-Vitro immunoassay devices, with a little difference in the color development principle. For example, In the rapid flu antigen Flu test strip, antibodies specific to the Influenza A and Influenza B nucleoproteins is separately coated on the test line regions of the test strip. During testing, the nucleoproteins, if present in specimen, will react with the Mouse monoclonal anti-influenza B-gold colloid or anti-influenza A-Gold Colloid. The mixture migrates up the membrane to react with the antibodies to Influenza A and/or Influenza B on the membrane, and the accumulation of the colloidal gold conjugate on the test line region will generate colored lines in the test regions, indicating a positive result.

Background of Influenza

Influenza, commonly referred to as "flu", is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae, commonly known as influenza viruses. Three genera of the five Orthomyxoviridae can infect human beings, namely Influenza virus A, Influenza virus B and Influenza virus C. Influenza B infects only humans and is less common than influenza A, while influenza C mainly affect children. The type A viruses are the most virulent human pathogens among the three influenza types.

Influenza spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics, resulting in the deaths of between 250,000 and 500,000 people every year, up to millions in some pandemic years. Usually, influenza pandemics occurs when a new strain of the virus appear, and these new strains appear when an existing flu virus spreads to humans from other animal species, or when an existing human strain picks up new genes from a virus that usually infects birds or pigs. An avian strain named H5N1 raised the concern of a new influenza pandemic, after it emerged in Asia in the 1990s. Fortunately, it has not evolved to a form that spreads easily between people.

Influenza A and Influenza B POCT Rapid Test Kits

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SpecimenPCS/BoxQuan. per CTN Quantity Interested* Add to
1 FLU 831 Influenza A/B AG Test Strip Throat & Nasal Swab 100 Bulk: 1500 PCS
Boxed: 48 Boxes
2 FLU 8312 Influenza-A IGM Dot Filtration Test serum/plasma 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
3 FLU 8322 Influenza-B IGM Dot Filtration Test serum/plasma 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
4 FLU 8323 Influenza-B IGM Dot ELISA serum/plasma 24T/48T Bulk: 42 PCS
Boxed: 42 Boxes
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  2. Influenza A & B Antigen Test is one parameter in the SARS-CoV-2 + Influenza A&B Antigens Combo Rapid Test kit, which helps to differentiate COVID-19 infection from infections of both influenza type A and Type B.
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