Rapid POCT Test Kits for Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are disorders in human body system caused by infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Some of them are transmitted in direct way such as direct contact, sexual action; some in indirect way, such like inhalation of virus borne air, ingestion of parasite, bacteria or virus contaminated water, or transmitted by blood feeding insect like mosquito.

Although usually different infectious disease shows unique symptoms, most infectious diseases shows some signs in common, including fever, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle aches and coughing. So in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, more analytical methods are needed to help to differentiate different infections. Among various IVD test kits, immunoassay kits based on the antibody antigen immune reaction effect are widely used. Infectious diseases rapid tests are widely used as screening devices and preliminary testing devices as an aid in the diagnosis of specific infectious diseases.

Most rapid test kits for infectious disease are tested with serum, plasma or whole blood specimens, especially when it is antibody test kit. And when it is antigen test kit, specimens are various, such as swab specimen. For example, with Chlamydia Trachomatis antigen rapid test, swab specimen is used to detect the antigen of the infection. Because rapid test kits and DOT assay kits are easy to perform, and the results can be read without any other instrument or reagent, this makes these two kinds of testing methods very suitable as point of care test (POCT) kits. Especially, they are helpful as specimen screening test kits.

As with all other rapid tests, although both the infectious diseases test and sexually transmitted diseases tests are very sensitive and specific, if found positive with one step disease rapid test kits, further clinical tests should be performed before a diagnostic conclusion can be made. And due to the infectious character of the diseases, the specimens and the used IVD test kits should be treated as if they are infectious, and should be dealt with care. Local sanitary regulation should be followed to dispose these materials.

Based on the characters of the infectious disease or the infection original part in human body, Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd is supplying the following test kits for infectious disease (for details of each item, please refer to the web-page for each specific product):

Infectious Disease Test kit
  1. Hepatitis Test Kits
  2. Respiratory Disease Test Kits
  3. Digestive Disease Test Kits
  4. STD Test kits, and
  5. Arthropod-Borne Disease Test Kits
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