HSV-2 IgM and HSV-2 IgG Immunoassay Test Kits

HSV-2 Rapid Test

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies various immuno assay kits for the detection of antibodies specific to Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2). According to the testing methods, three HSV-2 test kits are provided, namely one step lateral flow HSV-2 rapid test kits, HSV-2 Dot filtration assay kits, and HSV-2 ELISA kits. According to the isotypes of the antibodies tested, HSV-2 IgM test kits and HSV-2 IgG test kits are available. (Please refer to the following product table for HSV-2 Test kits.)

All these HSV-2 test kits are intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of the diseases of Herpes Simplex Type 2 virus. The two HSV-2 screening test kits are intended to screen the samples of the patient who are susceptible to the herpes complex type 2 virus. For the positive testing results with any of the HSV-2 antibody test, more advanced test method should be performed, before any clinical conclusion can be made.

The detection of HSV-2 IgM antibody enables effective diagnosis of acute or recent CMV infection. The test is particularly useful for the follow-up of pregnant women, who were not previously exposed to HSV-2 and consequently are not protected against the virus. In addition, determination of specific IgM antibody in the newborn is useful for the diagnosis of congenital HSV-2 infection. If a patient has antibodies to HSV-2, it is indicative of infection with the virus regardless of symptomology. Determination of a patient's HSV-2 serological status using a type-specific antibody test enables the physician to make appropriate interventions for treatments and professional guidance.

Principle of HSV-2 Rapid Test Kits

HSV-2 POCT Test Kit

HSV-2 IgM and HSV-2 IgG POCT assay kits are of the same testing principle. Take the first as example. HSV-2 antibody test is based on the principle of Gold Immuno-chromatography Assay (GICA). On the membrane strip, anti-human HSV-2 IgM monoclonal antibody and recombinant HSV-2 IgM antigen are coated on different layers of the strips. When the serum or plasma sample is added, the HSV-2 IgM antibody, if any, will act with anti-human HSV-1 IgM monoclonal antibody in one layer of membrane strip at the sample well. And complexes will emerge and move on chromatographically to the test region (T), where these complexes will be captured by the pre-coated recombinant HSV-2 antigen. A complex of double sandwich structure will form, and a red line will appear in the test region, indicating a positive result. The unbounded complex moves on to the control region (C), where they are captured by the anti-mouse antibody, and a red line will appear, indicating the assay is a valid one. In this way, the control line provides an internal quality control mechanism for the HSV antibody test device.

About the Diagnosis of HSV-2 Infection

HSV-2 is the primary cause of initial and recurrent genital herpes and neonatal HSV infection. Reactivation of latent HSV infection is a frequent complication of immunosuppression due to cancer, transplantation and AIDS.

Genital herpes can be more difficult to diagnose than oral herpes since most HSV-2-infected persons have no classical symptoms. Further confusing the HSV-2 diagnosis, several other conditions resemble genital herpes, including fungal infection, lichen planus, atopic dermatitis, and urethritis. Laboratory testing is often used to confirm a diagnosis of genital herpes. These methods include: culture of the virus, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) studies, skin biopsy, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The high costs and long waiting time discourage their regular use in clinical practice. The newly developed Immuno dot assay and one step rapid IgG test kits are more than 98% specific at discriminating HSV-1 from HSV-2 infection, which has been significantly improved comparing with the old IgM testing measures. So, the usability of the immuno test methods is being paid more attention in helping the diagnosis of the HSV2 infections.

HSV-2 Immuno Assay Kits

No.Cat. No.Description
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SpecimenPCS/BoxQuan. per CTN Quantity Interested* Add to
1 HSV2 181 HSV-2 IgM Test Cassette serum 25 Bulk: 1600 PCS
Boxed: 40 Boxes
2 HSV2 182 HSV-2 IgG Test Cassette serum 25 Bulk: 1600 PCS
Boxed: 40 Boxes
3 HSV2 1812 HSV-2 IgM Dot Assay serum 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
4 HSV2 1822 HSV-2 IgG Dot Assay serum 25 Bulk: 1200 PCS
Boxed: 36 Boxes
5 HSV2 1814 HSV-2 IGM ELISA Kit serum 48/96T Boxed: 40 Kits boxes
6 HSV2 1824 HSV-2 IGG ELISA Kit serum 48/96T Boxed: 40 Kits boxes
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  2. Lateral Flow Rapid Test kits, Dot Filtration Assay Kits, and ELISA Kits are available for the testing of the Infection of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2).
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