MAMP Rapid Urine Screening Kits

Methamphetamine Urine Test cassette and strip

CE marked Methamphetamine urine screening test kits, also short as MET drug test or mAMP drug test, are one of our rapid drug test kits that are covered by TUV ISO13485:2016 certificate, which can be used as drug self-test devices because of the simple testing procedures. The Rapid mAMP tests are a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Methamphetamine (mAMP or MET in short) in human urine samples at a cut-off concentration value of 1,000ng/mL.

Principle of mAMP Urine Test

MAMP drug rapid test kits are an immunoassay based on the principle of antibody-antigen competitive binding. With mAMP Rapid Test, a Methamphetamine positive urine specimen (mAMP concentration >1,000ng/mL) will not generate a colored line in the test line region because drug methamphetamine and its metabolites have taken all the binding sites at the test region, leaving no binding sites for the colloidal gold particles. While with a mAMP-negative urine specimen or a specimen containing a drug concentration less than the cut-off number, the colloidal gold particle will be captured at the testing line region, the accumulation of these color particle will generate a pink or purple line in the testing line region, indicating a negative result.

In short, with methamphetamine rapid Tests, two lines indicate a negative result, and only one pink line at control region indicates a positive result. If there are no line appears at all, this means the test reagents have deteriorated, or some mistake happens during the testing procedure. Repeat the assay with a new mAMP test strip or mAMP test cassette.

Merits of the MET Urine Test strip and Cassette:

  • MAMP immunoassay tests are highly sensitive and specific;
  • MET test devices results are read visually without the need for other instrumentation or any extra chemical reagent;
  • mAMP Urine test devices are intended for IVD use only;
  • One-Step mAMP tests are available in both strip and cassette styles, and also is one parameter of Multi drug test panels;
  • Our rapid Methamphetamine tests are CE marked products.

MET Drug Abuse Urine Screening Kits

No.Cat. No.Description
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SpecimenPCS/BoxQuan. per CTN Quantity Interested* Add to
1 MET 661 MET (mAMP) Urine Screening Strip urine 100 Bulk: 6000 PCS
Boxed: 48 Boxes
2 MET 662 MET (mAMP) Urine Screening Cassette urine 25 Bulk: 1600 PCS
Boxed: 40 Boxes
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Methamphetamine Urine test Cassette and strip
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