Vaginal pH Test Applicator

Vaginal pH measuring applicator is an easy device used to measure the pH value of women's vaginal physiological environment, so as to help in protecting of women's health, especially to help to take proper measures in intimate care, healthy and safe pregnancy.

vaginal pH test applicator

Intended Use

An acidic vaginal pH value of 3.8 to 4.5 is a basic requirement for the optimal functioning of the body’s own system of protecting the vagina. This acidic vaginal environment forms effective protection against infections because the vast majority of bacteria that cause vaginal diseases cannot thrive under such conditions. An increase in the vaginal pH level over 4.5 can decrease the quality of life of women, especially by constituting a significant risk of various vagina infections to a woman, and increasing the risk of premature delivery to a pregnant woman.

While many factors may cause an increase to this pH value, it is very important to monitor the fluctuation of the pH value in the vagina system. This Vaginal pH Test Applicator is an easy pH measuring device intended to be used by women for self-testing, to directly measure the pH value of the vaginal microbial ecosystem, so as to help women to take proper hygienic measures or medical measures when applicable, when they are fragile to infections of vagina system.

Who should use it

The vaginal pH test is particularly recommended for women who have already suffered from infections of the vagina during pregnancy or who even had a premature birth. Also, for those who often suffer from intimate problems, such as itching or/and burning in the private part, fishy odor, or increased discharge.

It is recommended vaginal pH should be measured with one vagina pH measuring applicator twice per week. This will enable one to check whether the pH level of the vagina is acceptable between visits to your gynecologist.

An acidic pH value is not 100% protection against infections. If you notice symptoms despite a normal pH value, consult with your doctor. Never begin any treatment before you have discussed the result of the test with a doctor.

Vaginal pH test procedures

The vaginal applicator consists of a round handle area and an insertion tube of approx. 2 inch in length. On one side at the tip of the insertion tube is a window, where the indicator area of the pH strip is located (pH measurement zone).

The round handle makes it safe to touch the vaginal applicator. The vaginal applicator is inserted approx. one inch into the vagina and the pH measurement zone is pressed gently against the back wall of the vagina. This moistens the pH measurement zone with vaginal secretion. The vaginal applicator is then removed from the vagina.

Compare the color in the pH measurement zone with the color scale on the foil packaging, and the value on the color scale that is most similar to the color of the test device is the pH level measuring result.

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