Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip

Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip (尿胆素原尿液分析试纸) is a rapid quantitative dry chemical test kit, used to detect Urobilinogen in human Urine specimen, based on the principle of Colorimetric method: Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction.

Please refer to the Instruction for Use (IFU) of the Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip.

(Note: for urinalysis strips, the IFU is a one-for-all type, which includes introduction to all the 14 paramters.)

Detailed information of Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip

  1. General and Technical information of this URO test kit;
  2. Packing specification of this URS Dipstick test kit (gross weight in full kit package and in bulk packing);
  3. Specimen used to carry out the assay, and the requirements on specimen collection, storage and processing; and,
  4. Testing principle and reagents used in this Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip.

Main technical information of this Urobilinogen test kit is listed in the following table:

Catalog No.:URO 01
Description:Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip
Category:Urinalysis Strip
Style:URS Dipstick
No. of Step:
Reading Time:60 Seconds
Cut Off:3.2-128 µmol/L
Specification:5.0 mm
Quan. or Qual.:Quantitative
Assay Principle:Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction

The standard kit size of this Urobilinogen URS Dipstick Kit is 100 Tests; 240 boxes per carton. The size of outer box, dimension of master carton, gross weight information is as follow:

Tests per Kit:100 Tests
Dimension of Kit Box:5.0 * 5.0 * 10.8 CM
Boxes per Carton:240 Kits
Tests per Carton (BULK):N/A
G.W. per Carton (Boxed):22.0 KG
G.W. per Carton (Bulk):22.0 KG
Carton Dimension:53 * 45 * 36 CM
Carton Volume:0.085 CBM

Materials Provided

  • Urine dip strip: 100 pieces in airproof tube;
  • Disposable urine cup (Optional);
  • Color chart for reading results;
  • Instruction For Use (IFU).

To carry out the assay with a Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip, Urine should be collected according to the instructions given in the Instruction For Use included in the test kit. After collecting, it is preferable to perform the testing as early as possible; if not viable, the specimen should be stored properly. A general introduction about the collection, and storage of the specimens is given below.

Urine Collection

A urine specimen must be collected in a clean and dry container.

For hormone test such as HCG prenancy test, the first urine specimen in the morning is preferred since it generally contains the highest concentration of hormone, although urine specimens collected at any time of the day may be used.

Urine specimens exhibiting visible particles should be centrifuged, filtered, or allowed to settle to obtain clear specimen for testing.

Urine Storage Condition

Urine specimens may be stored at 2-8°C for up to 48 hours prior to testing. For long-term storage, specimens may be frozen and stored below -20°C.

Frozen specimens should be thawed and mixed before testing.

Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction method is used in this Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip to detect the Urobilinogen in human Urine specifically. The introduction of this Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction testing principle and reagent composition is given blow.

Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction

A stable diazonium salt reacts almost immediately with urobilinogen to give a red azo dye. Colors lighter than that shown for 1mg/dL (17mol/L) constitute a normal finding. Formalin, p-aminobenzoic acid and substances known to interfere with Erlich’s reagent, such as p-aminosalicylic acid and sulfonamides, may interfere with the accuracy of test.

Reagent Composition of Urobilinogen Urinalysis Strip: 0.4% w/w p-diethylaminobenzaldehyde; 99.6% w/w nonreactive ingredients.