Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip

Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip (母乳酒精测试条) is a one-step rapid qualitative dry chemical test kit, used to detect Milk Alcohol in human Breast Milk specimen, based on the principle of Colorimetric method: Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction.

Please refer to the Instruction for Use (IFU) of the Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip.

Detailed information of Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip

  1. General and Technical information of this ALC test kit;
  2. Packing specification of this Dipstick test kit (gross weight in full kit package and in bulk packing);
  3. Specimen used to carry out the assay, and the requirements on specimen collection, storage and processing; and,
  4. Testing principle and reagents used in this Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip.

Main technical information of this Alcohol test kit is listed in the following table:

Catalog No.:ALC 712
Description:Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip
Category:Substance Abuse
Specimen:Breast Milk
No. of Step:One Step
Reading Time:2 Minutes
Cut Off:0.02%
Specification:5.0 mm
Quan. or Qual.:Qualitative
Assay Principle:Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction

The standard kit size of this Alcohol Dipstick Kit is 100 Tests; 48 boxes per carton. The size of outer box, dimension of master carton, gross weight information is as follow:

Tests per Kit:100 Tests
Dimension of Kit Box:21.0 * 12.5 * 5.5 CM
Boxes per Carton:48 Kits
Tests per Carton (BULK):N/A
G.W. per Carton (Boxed):15.0 KG
G.W. per Carton (Bulk):16.0 KG
Carton Dimension:53 * 45 * 36 CM
Carton Volume:0.085 CBM

Materials Provided

  • Lateral Flow immunochromatographic assay (GICA) Strip;
  • Instruction leaflet;
  • Disposable urine cup (optional).

To carry out the assay with a Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip, Breast Milk should be collected according to the instructions given in the Instruction For Use included in the test kit. After collecting, it is preferable to perform the testing as early as possible; if not viable, the specimen should be stored properly. A general introduction about the collection, and storage of the specimens is given below.

Milk Collect

Collect the breast milk into a clean container; or apply breast milk directly on the color pad of the test strip.

Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction method is used in this Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strip to detect the Milk Alcohol in human Breast Milk specifically. The introduction of this Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction testing principle and reagent composition is given blow.

Color Changes under Enzyme Reaction

The Urine Alcohol Test Strip is a chemical assay based on an alcohol-sensitive enzymatic reaction. Alcohol, if present in the specimen, reacts with chemicals on the reaction pad and causes a color change.

The Urine Alcohol Test Strip consists of a plastic strip with a reaction pad attached at the tip. The reaction pad employs a solid-phase chemistry system which uses a highly specific enzyme reaction. On contact with specimens of alcohol, the reaction pad will rapidly change colors depending on the concentration of alcohol present. This color change is proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the specimen. By comparing with the color blocks on the color chart printed on the pouch, an approximate alcohol concentration can be determined.

Reagent Composition of urine alcohol test strip: 1.3%(w/w) 3,3’,5,5’-Tetramethylbenzidine; 0.3%(w/w) Alcohol Oxidase; 0.1%(w/w) Peroxidase; 12.6%(w/w) buffer and 85.8% non-reaction additives.