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1. Limitation of IVD Rapid Test Kits and ELISA Test Kits

Disease rapid tests and health condition rapid tests are the main categories of our IVD rapid tests devices. Our rapid tests, dot assay kits and ELISA kits are used as an aid to the diagnosis of specific diseases, health condition problems, or as an aid in the determination of specific chemical compound in in-vitro samples.

As the testee or patient is usually reminded, these IVD rapid tests and ELISA kits provide only a preliminary analytical testing result. A more specific alternate chemical method must be used in order to obtain a confirmed analytical result. Clinical consideration and professional judgment should be applied when making a final conclusion of any clinical case.

2. All the materials on our website are expected to be treated as our business information, and is not expected to be distributed in any means.

3. When you inquire on our test kits or/and services, we pledge that we will keep your information as your biz property, and will not in any way distribute them.

4. For customers buying under OEM and private brand package, the confirmed package materials are to be treated as your own biz property; when we are entrusted to pack test kits under customer's brand, we assume that the customer owns the brand, and will take the responsibility if any conflict with a third party happens on the ownership of the said brand.

5. We should NOT be held responsible for any loss if you remit payment to strange Bank Account without first talking with your sales manager by telephone or by online Chat APPs. (In the very rare case, we may instruct our customers to transfer the payments to other account than our usual one. But because of hijacking of email boxes happens sometimes, and sometimes the sending email ID is very similar to ours, if you receive any email telling you to remit to a "NEW" bank account (usually oversea account), please immediately call your sales manager to double-check the arrangement before you make any transfer.)

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