Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd Keeps on Upgrading

GMP Plant

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of various In-Vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits, established in China in 2004. With the developing of the company, we keep on investing on the production facility. The newly built clean plant measures 1500M2, which is built according to GMP standards; and the warehouse measures 3000M2 for materials and finished products; our manufacturing process are designed strictly according to the guidelines of ISO13485. In the same time, we also keep on investing in R&D, upgrading of the management level of the production facility. We would keep on increasing the power in providing more reliable and higher quality IVD test kits.

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd as OEM Supplier

At present, Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd manufactures and supplies world-wide up to 80 different test kits, including lateral flow rapid test kits, Dot Filtration immunoassay kits, Dot-ELISA, ELISA and dry Chemical reagents. Many of these diagnostic products are CE marked. We concentrate on supplying these test kits under our own brand "NOVAtest". In the same time, with in-house graphic design department, we can also supply in customer's labeling as OEM supplier.

Actually, we are supplying all our IVD test kits as OEM supplier for many well-known companies in the IVD realm, including companies from USA, Spanish company, UK company, and Korean Company etc. All these companies have worked with Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd under OEM arrangement for more than 15 years, with ATLAS LINK INC having the longest cooperation with us.

When your business in booming, we would like to supply as OEM supplier; in this way, you not only can expend your business, but also can accumulate intangible property on brand and company fame. We would like to see your business boom in this way.

The Goal of Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd is committed to supply In-Vitro diagnostic test kits to make In-Vitro Diagnosis simpler, faster and more affordable. Our mission is to provide quality products that meet each customer's specific requirements in a timely manner with competitive prices.

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